Worcester rallies with Nationwide Protests in support of Mueller Probe.


Draped in American flags and armed with hand drawn signs, over a hundred Worcester residents took to the streets today just as fellow Americans are doing in cities across the nation. Over 900 events in all 50 states found Americans of all walks of life joining together in shared protest of President Trump's recent decision to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions with an active attorney general who has openly and publicly called for the ending of the Russian Interference investigation against Trump.

The scene outside Congressman McGovern's office was one that mirrored similar scenes across the country. College students and retirees alike stood side by side as they chanted slogans and marched from one end of the sidewalk to the other. A parade of rush hour traffic brought with it more than the occasional honking from motorists showing their support for the protest and the confident attitude from the crowd never wavered as strangers took turns leading chants that ranged from the Occupy Wallstreet made famous, "This is what Democracy looks like." To simpler and more to the point. "Protect Mueller."

The group responsible for organizing the event, MoveOn created their rapid response team over two years ago. In the event that President Trump attempted to interfere with the investigation against his alleged collaboration with Russia, the group vowed to take to the streets in protest. With a recused Sessions now gone and Rosenstien now replaced with an Attorney General who publicly has called for ending the investigation, that vow has now turned into a call of action.

"We just want to make sure that the President understands he isn't above the law." One protester holding an anti-Trump sign said. "What we want is, Whitaker to recuse himself." Another explained when asked about the goal of the demonstration.

Despite the large turnout many at the event felt it could have been even larger. Citing a mix up among the campaigns organizers which resulted in emails being sent out instructing people not to come to the event and the fact that the protest was being held on a weekday evening as opposed to holding it on the weekend which protesters claim would result in a much larger turnout.

Still the crowd whose ranks included parents with their small children and cane wielding grandmothers certainly felt a sense of unity as they made their message loud and clear across Shrewsbury Street.